Our History

The South African Children’s Home was the first welfare institution established in South Africa. Originally known as the ‘Orphan House’ it was founded in 1808 by Mrs Moller, a wealthy Dutch widow, who was assisted in this task by members of the Groote Kerk and the Evangelical Church, two of the oldest churches in South Africa. Mrs Moller dedicated much of her life to establishing the Children’s Home and upon her death she graciously donated the bulk of her estate to her beloved orphanage.

The SA Children’s Home was originally housed on Cape Town’s Long Street before moving to the suburb of Gardens in 1923. Forty-five years later a modern Children’s Home was erected on the same site and this is where the Children’s Home still stands today.

Now more than 200 years later, the Children’s Home continues its care for children by providing a secure, friendly, homely environment for its family of 44 boys and girls.

Our Mission

Our mission is to care for, nurture and develop children in need, in order for them to become balanced, well-adapted and independent adults. We provide a loving, happy and secure home for boys and girls of all ages, race groups and denominations.

The children are placed in our care strictly through the Children’s Court and are given three balanced meals each day, attend local schools and are provided with school uniforms, sports equipment and casual clothing. They receive medical and dental attention as well as therapeutic and counseling services. An individual Development Plan is established for each child, according to their specific needs, that includes training in basic life skills, encouraging participation in sport and recreational activities, providing therapeutic services and promoting spiritual input and growth.

Children are the future of our nation and we are grateful that we can serve the children of Cape Town by providing a place where they can receive loving care and become well-adjusted, productive citizens of our country.

Our Motto: The children always come first.