Mandela Day calls on us all to make the world a better place each day, just as Nelson Mandela did. So, what will you do this year to help take action against poverty?
We can all start by giving a little bit of ourselves on 18 July. By making a difference in the lives of others, we change the world around us!
This year, start an individual/team fundraising project in aid of SA Children’s Home for Mandela Day 2018. Raise R670, R6,700 or even R67,000 for our work with vulnerable children!
make use of snapscan and donate R1 or R100 the amount is up to you!

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  1. Kirstie July 17, 2017 at 1:50 pm #


    I would just like to find out what we can do to help for our 67 minutes, we are a team of 8 in our Cape Town office and would love to come help and spend some time tomorrow afternoon,

    please could you kindly let me know abit more,

    Thank you so much
    Warm regards

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